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Finding the right financial or wealth manager is not an easy task. You could walk into an office and see the standard stock ticker or one of the international news channels playing and still not be sure of who or what this person is about. Feeling confidence to work with someone is all about knowing that person – because remember at the end of the day its your money.

So what is it about Ed Butowsky that draws people to meet with him or to simply listen to what he has to say? To know more about Ed Butowsky is to understand what he has to offer his colleagues, friends, but most importantly to his clients and potential clients. Ed has been in the financial industry for over 23 years. Starting his career strong with Morgan Stanley, he was the firm’s top producer nationally as well as the first advisor to surpass one billion dollars in assets under management . What’s most impressive about his career is not the fact that he has made the companies he has worked for nor the clients he represented many millions of dollars, it’s the knowledge he has amassed over the years and the realization he has come to understand that people need to be educated.

Ed understands the science and the reality behind the millions of numbers that investors come across daily. While some may find these numbers in recent days depressing, Ed has a way of turning the glass from half empty to half full.

If you truly know anything about Ed Butowsky you know he has an incredible gift of educating people in the complexities of the world of finance. What seems to be impossible to understand he can boil down into a simple analogy that the ordinary layman can understand. Have you ever thought of investing in terms of a meal?

In this website About Ed Butowsky you will learn more about the man. Why not start out by watching this short clip of Ed.


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  3. Do think the Dow market & S&P will continue increasing or make a correction of 5% to 10% at least may be in March 2012. I feel Gold will hit $2000 or more 3 months to 6 months and silver will hit $45 within 6 months. Do you have have any suggestion or idea.


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