Fannie and Freddie Changing The Pay Back Bailout Conditions

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have changed their Pay Back intentions. The US tax payers loaned out the money to them to keep them from going bankrupt. Its funny how there was very little help to the tax payers in return. So what about this pay back change. Will they pay sooner or later. Ed Butowsky joins Fox News to examine the situation.


Here’s Why the Market Scares You – Fox Business Article

Ed Butowsky Article on Fox Business

Ed Butowsky - Fox Business - Reuters

In a recent article by Ed Butowsky on published January 17th, 2012, Ed takes an inside look at investors and why they get scared when they look at the US stock market. In Addition Ed takes a look at what risks are associated with the stock market and its performance relative to expected earnings for companies nationwide and internationally. Here are some of these risks:

  • Europe represents 20% of the world’s gross domestic product. What concerns does Europe provoke?
  • Will interest rates rise in the US?
  • How do commodities fit into the the US economy crystal ball
  • Could Iran’s actions be a threat to the world economy?

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Who is the man Ed Butowsky? Ed Butowsky is the managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management and is an internationally recognized expert in the investment wealth management industry. Ed is also a frequent guest on other networks such as CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg to name a few.