Fannie and Freddie Changing The Pay Back Bailout Conditions

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have changed their Pay Back intentions. The US tax payers loaned out the money to them to keep them from going bankrupt. Its funny how there was very little help to the tax payers in return. So what about this pay back change. Will they pay sooner or later. Ed Butowsky joins Fox News to examine the situation.


What’s The Real Status Of Unemployment

Ed Butowsky joins Fox News to explain the claims and numbers released by the labor department and economic analysts.

via March Jobs Report Raises Questions Over Real Status Of Unemployment.


Ed Butowsky Discusses US Debt Crisis

What could happen if the US were to default on its loans? Would the U.S. loose its AAA credit rating? Ed Butowsky appears live on Fox News to discuss what that really means and how to protect your portfolio.

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