Ed Butowsky Is Dallas’ Premier Money Manager

About Ed ButowskyWhile Ed Butowsky has been working hard to keep his clients educated and happy he has made a name for himself in what he does. Ed Butowsky manages the money and assets for high-profile clients – a money manager put simply. He has been doing this for over 23 years and does not take off for holidays on most occasions. Why, you ask? Its because he loves his job.

Holiday or no holiday you can find Ed in the office suites of his boutique wealth management firm, Chapwood Capital Investment Management in Addison, Texas. Ed is the type of manager that sets the expectation high not only for himself, but for what his clients demand of him. His clientele is littered with names out of Entertainment Tonight and Sports Illustrated and they do not come to him because he graduated from Wharton or because he was successful during his 15+ years at Morgan Stanley. What they really like about Ed is that he has experience and its written all over the wall of his office, especially the fact that he has managed more than $3 billion. People come to him because he does not give up.

No matter who is Ed’s client, whether your an A-list celebrity or an anonymous anybody, he cares that the money is invested and invested to its optimal potential. This is the motto of his new company.

It is his passion for his clients that is important to Ed, not to mention he cares so much because every percent matters.


Ed Butowsky Discusses US Debt Crisis

What could happen if the US were to default on its loans? Would the U.S. loose its AAA credit rating? Ed Butowsky appears live on Fox News to discuss what that really means and how to protect your portfolio.

Learn All About Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, recognized around the world as an expert in the investment wealth management industry. Aside from his passion for expanding others financial literacy, he can be seen frequently on television on such stations as Fox Business and News network affiliates, CNN, Bloomberg, as well as local North Texas channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox to name a few.